donderdag 14 juli 2011

two lovely days

Pfffffffft ........

Workshops are great !
( but you can get very tired )

Tonight I came back from
a wonderful eco-dyeing and felting workshop
with a bunch of very lovely ladies.
( The weather was lousy those two days and I had
a bumpy ride home through the storm and rain :
boy, what a summer at the moment ! )

The Australian felt artist Pam de Groot
was giving this workshop at Dorie's place.
For Pam this is the last stop on her European tour :
she's flying home to her family next week
after another workshop this weekend.

It was my first true encounter with eco-dyeing but I must confess :
it takes a lot of practice to make something beautiful !!!

The fun was bundling up silk and fre-felt with all sorts of plants,
letting it simmer in a dye bath pot
and unrolling it again ....

Only :
mine weren't very spectacular at all !
I definately need to do a lot of reading about
plants, mordants and other stuff
and then trying again !

( Enough for now, the results I'll show later .... )

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Els was she teaching by eco-dyeing IN the water rather than steaming it just above the water level? I never got any good results by doing that, so i always use a steamer.

  2. Oh Els, I'm sorry you didn't get much luck with your eco-dyeing. Don't let that stop you. More experiment is needed. Do you have India Flint's book? Better luck next time I hope - Hugs Nat

  3. Els, I have read many times that India Flint says, "Time is your friend." So perhaps that is all you need more of for some **spectacular** results? I think failing is often times just as valuable as success, if not more...

    p.s. I love that kind of exhaustion that comes from workshops!