maandag 19 maart 2012

bag !

Yesterday we visited a lovely party for two birthdays :
man's youngest brother and his friend.
She was the one who wanted me to make her a felted bag.
So, now she recieved it, I can show you
what it lookes like.

She loves purple and it had to go with a brown coat,
so she took some colour strips 
( the ones you choose your paint from )
and we matched it with the wool I had.
 Because these colours are very different I made a design
to merge them to a whole.

The front and back, and the flap are the opposite colours,
inside there is a double pocket

Like my own blue bag it has a double cord strap

To finish it of completely I made a little tag
out of the good old "krimpie dinkie" the shrinking plastic.

and stitched it to one of the straps

( I'll make some more of these little signature tags to hang on my things )

9 opmerkingen:

  1. a very beautiful and sturdy bag, lovely felting.

  2. Just beautiful, Els! The color combination is striking. xxoo, sus

  3. I can remember making those when I was a kid - we called them "Shrinky Dinks". I was thrilled to find some of the special plastic kits a couple of years back, but have been hoarding them for something special - just in case I don't ever find them again. You're making me want to haul them out again.... :-)

  4. Grace,

    I feel so sad for Jude. I have an idea, for I feel quite helpless, for she does so much for us and I would like to do something for her. So what if we all make a circle of lights for WAS and Jude? I lit a candle and put it on my blog. Perhaps we could all do this. As many people visit your blog will you help me spread the light? (please don't mention my blog, for it's for Jude and WAS)


    1. Sorry, sorry, Els er is iets mis gegaan met het kopieeren en plakken, daarom staat jouw naam niet boven mijn berichtje :(