maandag 26 maart 2012

daffodils !

For me spring equals daffodils !
The birthday of our daughter (a week ago)
always is a good measuring point :
I remember coming home with her from the hospital
seeing all the daffodils along the roads and in the gardens
in full bloom

Last Saturday I had a wonderful felting day with my English friend J
who only recently started felting
but is really having a go at it, taking an on-line course,
making all kinds of things,
whenever she finds the time, next to her busy day job.
Though I work alone (or with daughter) most of the time
felting together gives a lot of inspiration

The idea for this bag was in my head for some time ...
since the daffodils started blooming

I often try something new ....
but that doesn't always work out the way I think, or want it to ...
I soon realized that the cord stems
would not easily attach to the laid-out background
a bit of helping stitches with linen thread perhaps ?
(cheating a bit, but that did the trick
and was also needed for the flower on the flap)

(yuk ! ... that pink towel under the work !)

A bit of work on Sunday and today was needed to finish the job

It is drying now with a towel inside
and ...

some stitches on the flower so it dries the way I want

(will draw the winner of the leap-day mandala in two days ....)

12 opmerkingen:

  1. oh it turned out beautifully. daffodils remind me of spring when i was a child. we lived in a garden, but daffodils were always sold when we were out and about.

  2. YOUR daffodils are *the best* and I adore that spring green...yum!

  3. Lovely work, the daffodil's lovely. :)
    Jess xx

  4. jolie réalisation printanière !
    Thank you Els for the comment on my blog, like you I would like to sometimes touching some things, unfortunately almost all goes virtually and is often frustrating.
    Thanks for the link, I did not know Karen Ruane, I will take the time to look at her site.(my English is not good)

  5. Bravo Els! A captivating bag. I love daffodils as a sign of spring, too. xxoo, sis

  6. a beautiful felted daffodil - "daffeltodil"? lovely the way it worked out.

  7. Very nice, Els. Spring is in the air...

  8. Els , Its really beautiful, what a good day we had - lets try and do it again soon

  9. Amazing things you could do with felt. I just love that bag, how very fitting to spring - hugs Nat

  10. ohhh I love spring daffodils and other bulbs in flower. Your interpretation is excellent. i wish that I could get together for a day of felting I would learn so much