woensdag 21 maart 2012

WAS was .... and Spring is

was the lovely grey cat of my dear stitch-inspirator Jude.
She appeared in many posts :
walking in the woods
sitting on cloth Jude was working on 
even walking through the instruction video of the on-line class
Now Was is "Walking Among Shadows" as Jude says
we will all miss her
So a bit of Daffodil sunshine to remember this wonderful feline creature

Speaking of sunshine :
that's what we have a lot at the moment
Spring is here !

One of the things that are exported from Holland
to the rest of the world are
flower bulbs
but we keep a lot of them here for ourselves
( and nót only in private gardens .... )

At the moment the edges of the streets are coloured
with bright yellow "sunshine" of Daffodils in bloom

or the soft blue of Scillas

Mmmmmmmmm ...

( btw : nearly time to draw the winner of the "leap day" mandala ... )

5 opmerkingen:

  1. What happy, glorious color! Love it.

  2. The flowers are so lovely - very much appreciated here! xxoo. sus

  3. That's the typical landscape of Holland.When I cross the border of Switzerland, the customs official said to me: What bring you into Switzerland? Answer: Wool of cource. Customs official: Wool? From Holland you must bring tulips of Amsterdam!

  4. Mooi bericht voor WAS en Jude.

    ja, ik geniet nu ook van de bolletjes. Een echt voorjaarsgevoel.