zaterdag 31 maart 2012

something for a baby

Still need to work on my secrets
But it's not going very fast.
Need to think ... and re-think ... and try out something,
(so why not make a real go for that try-out)
that's what I did today.
I started to work with some "nickie" velvet tricot
(don't know if that's the right word for it ...)
It is nice and soft and rich in colour
and :

absolutely awful to stitch on the machine

it rolls up at the sides,
it shifts
it stretches
(when you don't want it to roll up, shift or stretch ...)
I used it before ... and also made some small things.
Today again, I really got a lot more respect for all those tiny Chinese fingers
that are making lovely little dolls out of this material
(for ridiculous little money)

This little fellow I made a lóóóóóng time ago
so I didn't remember thát well how awful the stitching was.

I could not find the pattern so I had to measure him up.

The head with the ears (smaller inside) was a bit tricky
because I had to make a pattern myself
but it turned out quite good.

Then, after dinner, some eyes, a nose, mouth and whiskers
and the bunny looked friendly back at me

and finished !
(not an impressive "production" for the better part of a day)

Ready to send him/her off.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. i think it's quite a production for one day. so cute. lucky baby.

  2. In only one day?!!! Great :) Bunny is adorable!

  3. sweet sweety

    mother is gonna love it!

  4. Hi, Els. I think you're courageous to work on that fabric and get such great results. I also liked your mandalas--they look quite time-consuming. Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    best, nadia

  5. Hi Els,
    Ahh, the Easter bunny is lovely with such a cute face. I'm sure he will be well loved! ;-)
    It's interesting how some fabrics are difficult to work with on sewing machines. I worked with fur once and the machine kept knotting the cotton, it took me ages to make a fur collar!

    Happy springtime to you with your creative projects.
    Best wishes

  6. Really charming, Els - I love his yellow sunshine collar. xxoo, sus