vrijdag 13 april 2012

a wet garden ... and stitches

These last few days were cold
and often wet too
but the garden shows it's spring beauty anyway !

(Brunnera "Jack Frost")

(yellow dead nettle)

I finished another secret project
and then made some  tiny stitches  too

These were done on the machine,
there will be a lot more stitching by hand

And daughter herself
made the cutest monkey you can imagine
out of fingering yarn, so he's very small

He is called  
and knitted from the top of his head
down to his hands and feet
and the tip of his tail
all in one go !
(he sits on the only seam there is !)

Annita is, among other things, a talented knitter.
Taking a look at het site is very worth while ! 
The pattern was in Dutch,
but it might be in English too (?)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. A sock monkey without the sock! How clever of you!

  2. Hello, Els - your Brunnera "Jack Frost" is our "Forget-Me-Not", and Alaska's state flower. Jacobus is delightful. What a talented family you have. xxoo, sus