maandag 30 april 2012

orange .....

April 30 is the day that a lot is coloured orange
in The Netherlands

On "Koninginnedag" or Queens day
our monarch celebrates her birthday,
though she really has her birthday in January
but then it is much too cold to celebrate anything outside.
(in fact it's a kind of national celebration day
whether you like the queen or not)
And, like it happens often on this day :
we had lovely sunny weather ! 
(because there were no grandchildren around
to visit all kind of festivities with,
it was a quiet day)

First I finished some secret things again :
two down ..... one to go !

Secondly I had some time in the garden for my new socks :
my knitting friend J gave me
this red-puple coloured yarn for my birthday
and she wore then the most wonderful knitted socks.
When I asked her about the pattern
it was "delivered" by her right away
Thanks J !

But ...
these will be my first ever toe-up socks
and the pattern is beautiful .... but not easy !!!
I might need J's help on one or two occasions ...

The magic-loop cast on went okay, thanks to You Tube

The first part of the pattern is now nearly finished
only two more times "chart one"

And thirdly I had time to do my "carpenter - thing"
with the canopy stand for the cradle

finished and ready !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Love seeing your toes playin' hide and seek! And oh me...oh my...what a Very most lovely place for a new one to slumber! I am I to understand that you made this??? It's wonderful :)

  2. toe up means you can adjust the height by knitting more or less...that's cool. and oh how beautiful is that baby bed with the beautiful curtain and mobile. and i just love what's hanging on the wall behind your bed.

  3. Beautiful coloured wool.

    I love the curtain and moblie too...:)

  4. van alle markten thuis!