maandag 2 april 2012

for another baby

Although the machine stitching was awful on the velvet tricot,
I persevered
and made another bunny,
for another baby.
In fact it's for the new born niece of the first baby
(though she isn't exactly a baby any more
because it took me soooo long to make the present)
Tomorrow both bunnies will be on their way in the mail.

Hmmmm : a bit of a puzzle ..... inside out ..... halfway there .....

So it's a flat bunny, with a head (a tiny rattle inside) ,
some space for your finger to wiggle the head,
a little bunny tail,
and some funny loops to hold onto.

(but, as I see it now : it's quite possible it is the Easter Bunny ....)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. well worth your perseverance. it reminds me of a baby quilt i started when my friend became pregnant about 30 years ago. the quilt was finished about 5 years ago and i gave it to her as a graduation present when she got her masters degree since it did not have a baby theme. she loved it.

  2. Flat Bunny! What a sweet toy. Glad you persevered with the troublesome trico. xxoo, sus

  3. How nice what a good idea ! Thanks for showing. greatings Anke

  4. Thanks for your lovely email and photo...:)
    Where I live it 2 hour train ride to Sydney and nearly 1km above sea level. I love it up here it so beautiful.

    What a beautiful bunny....:)

  5. Aaaaw! So sweet! I'd like to create one like this someday. Thanks for sharing!