dinsdag 29 mei 2012

last but not least !

Today, though it wasn't really day eight,
the last presents were unpacked.

The first was a painted cardboard basket
(of which I showed a sneak peek ages ago)
that contained all the presents
but which was wrapped from the start !

The design and the beginning with a Neocolor crayon

Then I painted with white acrylic paint
one, two, three (and sometimes four) layers
to get a good white image.

Four sides ....... all year round

The last present took most of the time making ...

this little Birth Quilt
(48 cm   x  38 cm)
belongs to a series or three,
one for each of daughter's children
and for every one of them I chose a bird for the center section

The grebe is a wonderful bird that we often see in the water
next to our garden.
It is so cute to see the tiny ones get on to the back of the parent
so they can ride along safely when they're tired.
(the youngsters swimming around are of course the older sister and brother) 

Mom : isn't she a beauty ?!?
(YES, we think she is !)

I made this one because it is the Year of the Dragon

Above the dragon is written "roots  and  wings"
(which is written on every one of the three Birth quilts)
meaning :

give your children roots
so they know where they come from
ánd where they can always return to,
give your children wings
so they can fly out into the world and live their life.

There are some extra wings on the top
(and when you look closely you can even see a little bit of magic thread !)

The first Birth quilt ever,
for the oldest daughter

and the second one,
for the (now) middle one, the older son

Making these little quilts for the children was a lot of work
but worth every moment of it

11 opmerkingen:

  1. fabulous work. your grandchildren are so lucky to have you as a grandma.

  2. I am in love with your work and the care and tradition that you put into it all. The four seasons, the beautiful quilts...amazing! What a blessed family indeed. Is the tradition 8 days of gifts or??? I was just reading that same quote while answering a comment on my Mother's Day post!

  3. They are all lovely and the most of all I like the dragon.I like the colours, the design and off course dragons :-)!

  4. incredible! once more a wonderful work, dear Els!

  5. Such fun seeing the finished gifts posted, Els - charming work (and of course I am agreeing with Hadiah about the dragon)! xxoo, sus

  6. So beautiful Els.... the amazing quilts (yes, I can see the hours and love poured into the childrens quilts). Hard work, but so rewarding.
    And that beautifully painted box, I love it!

    Jacky xox

  7. Your birth quilts are just wonderful! So much thought and work in each one. I love them.

  8. Els, your Birth quilts are marvelous. Maybe you should make the patterns and sell them? Of course, then you would have less time for stitching...
    best, nadia

  9. Incredible and very sensitive work!! not only for how beautifully it has been made, but also for the deep message you give with it! thanks for sharing!!