zondag 13 mei 2012

paper, scissors, stone ... ?

Still waiting
but the last of my secret projects
is finally finished
(only a few stitches, but that can only be done later)

(these are only tiny sneak peeks)

Having done these, it's no wonder I could
continue on the next task,
a task Jude is asking for ...
After all the feathers that flew out to her from all over the world
she now is ready to start with the vast project
of giving all these feathers a place in cloths
that Wendy Golden-Levitt will use in her work with children.

To balance the light feathers and the blue sky-fabric
she is in need of stones
not real stones ofcourse
but stones made out of fabric !
( in needle-turned applique )
That's why I thought of the good old game
paper ... scissors ... stone
though here it will be :
cloth ... scissors ... stone !

It was really fun to do
and join Jude's stitching community again !

one made out of cotton, one of silk and the rest of silk velvet
(or what was left of that after using discharge paste)

After some wet and cold weeks
there finally is a bit of sunshine
(though that will not last long, I think)

Time for the garden !

A lot of green !
and bits of blue ...

9 opmerkingen:

  1. oh i know it's hard to be this patient. love your stones and such a beautiful garden. i'm hoping it will be any day that i see a new post.

  2. LOVE the one on the right...the two individual pics...
    i have a stone like that here........

  3. oooooh, the garden....want to drink it all in, sooo pretty!
    And now for a gathering of stones? Yes. I, too, will be rolling some edges ;>]]

  4. Your sneak-peeks are as pretty as your garden! (I am hopping over to look at what Jude needs right now. Had so much fun with the feathers, I'd like to be involved again in a group project). xxoo, sus

  5. Oh your garden is so pretty and the stones are great!

  6. ohh the waiting is hard - I have been popping in wvery day just in case there is news.Please know that you are all in my thoughts

  7. Oh your garden is lovely! I've joined the Stones project. I
    need the grounding of Jude's vision. And generous spirit.
    Your stones make me want to start right now!

  8. I've enjoyed viewing your projects on your recent blog posts. The stamps you created are very cute and look great on the cards. Love all your flowers too, you have a lovely garden. all things related to Jude are quite wonderful, glad you are joining in the community there.