zaterdag 19 mei 2012

May 18 2012 !!!

Yeaaaaah !
At last the long wait is over and I will be able
to slowly reveal all my secret projects :

since yesterday evening  19.20
we can proudly present our third grandchild

 the new born baby boy


I was there when he was born
and it was one of the most





moments of my life

Life is beautiful

During the maternity period, about eight days after childbirth,
there are little presents for the all the members
of daughter's little family 
some of them my secret projects !
I'll reveal them
day by day.

For the other two children I had found little heart shaped books
in which every visiter during this maternity period
could write some kind words.

This time I didn't find such a little book
not even after looking very hard for one
The solution was :

making one myself

(ooooh : You Tube is a very good invention, you'll find anything you want !)

making the "inside"

and the "outside"

Ready for all the loving words and good wishes
for a  long, healthy and happy life !

15 opmerkingen:

  1. oh wonderful. congratulations to you and your family. and what a beautiful little book you have created...better than a purchased one. enjoy the new little bundle of joy.

  2. Yay, Yay, Els - Dancing with joy at the news from your family. Best best wishes to all, sus

  3. Moje gratulacje. Już dawno nie widziałam takiego bobasa. Piękne uczucie.

  4. Oh...congratulations! Enjoy this special time with your family :) What a darling book to record it all!

  5. Ganz herzliche Glückwünsche der Mama, dem Papa und der Oma und ein herzliches WILLKOMMEN auf dieser Welt dem Kleinen! Ja, es ist ein Wunder!
    P.s. Das Wochenbettbüchlein ist eine wunderschöne Idee!

  6. Voor je nieuwe kleinzoon, een gedichtje in het "Frysk".

    Lâns elts paadsje bloeie blommen
    mannichien sjocht se foarby
    Ik hoopje datsto de blommen sjochst
    dy’t bloeie lâns dyn libbenswei.

    Van harte gefeliciteerd,

  7. Els , congratulations , He looks beautiful and so peaceful. I can't wait to see the rest of your secret projects. Jane

  8. Congratulations Granny!! How precious....enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

    What a wonderful idea your little book is...but oh so special because it was made by you...

  9. oooh wat een cutie...gefeliciteerd..jij en je dochter
    wat fijn dat je ook aan de andere kleintjes dacht
    lief mens
    ik kijk uit naar de onthulling van alle geheimen

  10. Warm congratulations.
    Isn't birth the most wonderful thing. A miracle.

  11. Congratulations! He looks adorable. Your book is such a lovely idea.

  12. Congratulations on the most fantastic news. I hope that eveyone is settling in well to their new roles. The babe is beautiful . . . I will check back often in the hopes to see glimpses of the little one

  13. Congratulations!! I am happy he's finally here and hope the mum is well!
    And you continue to amaze me with all the beautiful projects you are creating - amazing.

  14. Van Harte Gefeliciteerd met de nieuwe kleinzoon. Wat een schatje!

    Met vriendelijke groet,


    Ik zie hem hopelijk in levende lijve bij de Alpaca Wolstudio