donderdag 27 september 2012

new beginnings

The "Diaries" class over at Jude's
(which isn't really a class in the normal way)
has started this September.

And now, after finishing the Wedding piece and the Warm Heart,
my hands are finally "free" to start on something new and b i g
And I mean literally b i g, like a blanket,
which is nót the size I normally prefer !

In fact I bought some lovely thick cotton ikat fabric last year.
This fabric I want to use  in a way
that you still see part of the "ïkat" on either side.
(because I also want it to be double sided
So I unearthed it from the back of a drawer

and the rainbow colours,
that were still pinned on around the moon,
go just fine with my latest plans for it !

On the other side there will be a lot of butterflies
of which I still had some left
from the Patchwork Beasts class, two years ago.
Lots of new butterflies are being pieced

by the machine, and than the seams basted in Jude's way,

with all the lovely tiny dimples at the right side.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. love your piecing of the butterflies... contemporary, but still a traditional feel too. I like that!
    How exciting .... a BIG cloth.

    Jacky xox

  2. Most intriguing, Els! An ambitious size, I think. I will be interested to see your progress. xxoo, sus

  3. I really love the color scheme here and the fabrics chosen for the butterflies. this will be fun to watch :)

  4. The ikat is beautiful, love the theme here and can't wait to see it come together