zondag 16 september 2012

spirals .....

The center of the oldie - piece 
that I started stitching on again now has 
a finished spiral of  

where there was originally a spiral of a strip of


Then there was today this lovely soft spiral


Huh ?
That's my belly button !
(Yes ! isn't it great ?)

And last but not least
there was daughter's just finished shawlette

in cobalt blue Malabrigo lace yarn
with tiny glass beads
showed of in a spiral

(Ha, but nothing spiralled out of control !)

Not even this little disagreement :

she seems to ask : don't you agree, he is being a bit selfish ?

... she gets in v e r y  carefully ...

and she nestles herself on top when he doesn't move over
cats ! 

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha, die katten! Het is zo herkenbaar grappig!
    En dat zo'n wipstoeltje eigenlijk voor babies is bedoeld, dat vinden ze natuurlijk
    helemaal onzinnig...

  2. such wonderful spirals...all...that shawlette is beautiful. i'm into spinning yarn and knitting so that is very appealing right now. and cats...remembering my two, that are long gone, huddling close together like that.

  3. I have two cats....sisters. They have their occasional spats and I can relate to the careful tippy toeing around at times, trying to avoid a fight. Most of the time they get along really well, but sometimes....fur flies!!!
    Your heart piece has come up beautifully. Looks nearly 3D. The couching was a perfect touch.
    And the gorgeous blue in the cobalt shawl. That is luscious. I would love to wear something like that.

    Lovely post.

    Jacky xox

  4. Eine Spirale schöner als die Andere!

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Wow, what a lovely heart, Els! Baby tummy and the Cat siblings make me smile, too. xxoo, sus

  6. love the naval with the spiral heart - such tender images!! and agree with jen, the cats look yin and yang - a reduced spiral, in a way.

  7. dreamy round and round and round, spirals are wonderful. Oh and that blue shawl, drooool, so pretty!

  8. ha! my cat does this to the saint and it is a hoot!

    love all the spirals and that beautiful woven heart!!