zondag 2 september 2012

two little friends

Felting is almost all I get done at the moment
(not that that is bad)
and it's clear that I didn't buy at Hawar 
all the colours that I "need"

Of course I can  use another kind of wool
(of thát I have enough)
but I've noticed
that the "Bergschafwolle" is very good
when making figures !

This is Katy the Cat all finished
and looking around in the garden
(standing by my late-blooming Allium)

Two days ago

she was still swimming in a vinegar bath
and later drying on the kitchen counter
(still without eyes)

But she needed her little friend Beaky Boo to join her !

So I googled,
found lots of pictures of Puffins,
and made a little sketch to remember him well

which really came in handy

(well you see : he LOVES to play hide and seek ...)

but Katy loves to play along with his games ...
that's what friends are for !

(And, o joy, Jude is starting up some teaching again
hope I can find some time to work along !!!)

15 opmerkingen:

  1. i'm loving watching you create this menagerie of animals. i think the puffin is my favorite so far.

  2. Adorable pretty little things and lovely story. They're so sweet!

  3. Hi Els what a great marmalade cat & magic puffin bird, good to see you at Jude's Spirit Cloth Diaries!

  4. I am so glad the charming Katy has a friend to play in the garden with. Happy week to you, Els, -sus

  5. Wauw, wat zijn ze mooi geworden!
    Hoe doe je dat toch...? Ik ga ook maar weer verder oefenen...
    Groetjes van Mirjam.

  6. Else these two are soooo cute....you are so clever!

  7. Hi Els, I so love Katy! She makes me want to pick her up for a cuddle!

  8. a nice couple! (and a strange cat who likes vinegar bath…) warm greetings from Paris!

  9. Hi, Els. How very fun--adorable creatures!
    best, nadia

  10. Els...you are so talented!!!! I just adore these little creatures you felt.

    Jacky xox

  11. wow...wat zijn ze goed geworden!
    en lief

  12. Wonderful friends :) Very naughty cat, and the bird as if alive.