dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

sunny autumn day

Because the two bigger grandchildren
have autumn break this week
we went on the bike and by boat
to the museum (de Kunsthal) in Rotterdam
(yes ! 7 paintings were stolen last week from this museum :
what a lousy way to celebrate your 25 anniversary !!!)

We had such a fun day :
looking at paintings (Avant Gardes)
and sculptures ( a lot of naked women by Maillol)
modeling with clay
making a viewing box
walking on a treadmill (with music and a painting in front of you)
and having a drink and some sweet pie
on a bench at the river
in the warm sunshine

(a fun painting ... ha, could have been by Kaffe Fassett ...)

And home again
(near our beloved windmills)

I found a very thick envelope on the doormat
containing my next felting exchange piece of Joke

sunny !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. sounds like a wonderful time and love that felted piece. such fun.

  2. Wow isn't that felt piece amazing...:)

    I love the picture of the windmills.

    The museum sounds like an interesting place to visit.

  3. What a wonderful day, love the windmills. Too bad about the missing paintings though. The felt made me smile :)

  4. Dear Els - My son and I are thrilled seeing the windmills! xxoo, sus