woensdag 31 oktober 2012

knitting again ...

The last day of  October  already
and although actually we are not into Halloween over here

I thought this lady is suited for this day

I'm knitting again !
But first I frogged a try-out with the lovely coloured

Rowan kidsilk haze stripe and some Drops alpaca,
the two didn't work well together.
I bought some new light blue Drops kidsilk to go with the Rowan.

Then I picked up the mitered vest,
that was kind of hibernating for a long time,
and started knitting ...
At least, that's what I wanted
but I had to do some serious reading
before I remembered again
how to do the pattern

I think it must be old age:
because I didn't know with how many stitches to start with,
what to do with the first and the last stitch on the row ...
and I had done already quite a bit ! 
And I have done a vest just like that before !!!

But luckily the magazine was still there  ;-)

( yes, from  looooong ago )

I remember people asking when I was wearing the blue vest
( that I did before ... but gave away to a friend ) 
if I sewed all the little parts together ?
you don't have to
and this clever way to do it, was all in the magazine !

( Nowadays you can also find similar patterns
for mitered knitting on "Ravelry" )

HA ... and the fun part is
that you never have more than 25 stitches on your needle
(or 49 stitches when I make the bigger squares) 

The back and side pieces are finished so I could start on the front

Our two housemates

enjoyed a lot of autumn sunshine !

The last fun thing for today was brought by the post

a huge bag "mit Liebe verpackt" with wool I ordered in Germany

( I'll probably take part in a Christmas fair in the village
so there has to be done some serious felting ! )

Ohhh, we had a very clear sky last night
so there was still the beautiful moon

5 opmerkingen:

  1. hi Els, your little Halloween person is cheery. I like your mitred squares vest idea, and don't worry about not remembering the details from before, that happens to me even if i put it down for a week! cheerio, k.

  2. i remember when you posted that pattern and i still love it and am tempted to try it but i'm into knitting a lace shawl and must finish that first. i like that there are only 25 stitches on the needle at once...that's my kind of knitting.

  3. Wat een mooie breisels zeg! Nog nooit gezien maar het geeft een super leuk effect (knap hoor...!)
    Enne... zulke post wil ik ook wel ontvangen; wat een heerlijk pakket. Waar heb je dat besteld?
    Ben benieuwd naar de eindresultaten!
    Groetjes van Mirjam.

  4. ooooh, I love the look of that mitered knitting. Intimidating tho, as I am a beginner, but...oh, that is PRETTY!

  5. oh my, the patchwork knitting is amazing!!! You are so clever.