zondag 7 oktober 2012

rain and sunshine

Yesterday started with lots and lots of rain
real autumn weather !

I went anyway to the Stitch'nBitch group in Rotterdam
in the new location (right in the centre of town)
but, due to the lousy weather,
we were only with five
the sun came out in the afternoon
and the day ended beautifully !

Today I almost completed the middle piece
for one side of my new b i g project.
I sewed everything together on the machine

and then basted the seams down by hand
(that gives such a lovely feel to it)

A lot of butterflies
like a stained-glass window

and butterflies like a simple x  
And we ended the afternoon with a loooong walk
with daughter and kids in the autumn sunshine.

(O, and you know that I completely forgot I've just started my third blogging year ?)
 no:  no give-away this time

9 opmerkingen:

  1. congrats on 3 years. love your transparent cloth.

  2. your butterflys are beautiful, particularly the ones flying through the sunlight; it will be lovely to see this completed. How fascinating to be doing a Jude class. I wish I had the time!

  3. Congratualtions on your two years, enjoy the third!!

    So pleased there is anothe Stitch & Bitch group out there! That's what we call ourselves. I LOVE this quilt top, are you quilting it by hand? It would make it feel so wonderful.

  4. Mooi zeg!
    Ga je 'm ook voor een raam hangen?

  5. Congratulations and Thank you for three blog-years, dear Els. The BIG project is looking fabulous - yes, very like stained glass hanging there in your window. xxoo, sus

  6. Glückwünsche Els, ich glaube, bei mir sind es auch bald 3 Jahre...ich muß mal gleich nachschauen..
    Dein Projekt ist ja riesig..was wird es denn?
    Viele liebe Grüße

  7. It reeeally does look like stained glass! wonderful :)

  8. Oh I love the light coming through the patchwork! I've been so enamored of quilt tops in windows or on clothes lines... so this made me smile.