donderdag 18 oktober 2012

lovely people

Last sunday we had some lovely people in our house
to celebrate Man's birthday
(yeah : 17 ... sort of ...)
One of the visitors was wearing
this nice real Peru hat


The b i g piece I'm working on
will have lots and lots of pieces of fabric that have a special meaning to me,
(I think that's one of the fun parts of it)
Some of these snippets
have come from lovely people who live far away.
 A lot of them I've had for some time already
and they were "patiently waiting" till I found some good use for them :
so Sus, Connie, Jacky, Heike, Eva, Jude ...
somewhere there will be a special place for a lot of your pieces. 

I'm working on the "moon and stars"side now
(that will be the reverse of the "butterflies")

Thére was the perfect spot for some very dear

It's amazing how well the dark red background of the megamendung
fits in with the ikat fabric !

Today I did some tea-dyeing to take off the "bright white"
of some pieces and I wove a few strips in them.
Now they fit in with two little "Judes"

These parts will probably became corner pieces somewhere 

The next fun part is the stitching of course

Mmmmm stitching !

7 opmerkingen:

  1. love the stitching you did in that last image. and also like the way you used your megamendung. i have some beautiful pieces of mega...that Jacky sent me and i'm saving them for some special piece.

  2. Wonderful (and so nice to see bits and pieces from my side of the world in your cloths).

    Love the corner pieces you are working on. The combinations of commercially printed/dyed fabrics with the eco-dyed...and your beautiful stitching.

    Jacky xox

  3. Such a cute babe in a swell hat! I love the moon and stars! And the change of stitch in the last part is so great. Glad to watch this progress.

  4. The Peruvian Hat Wearer is absolutely darling! MMMM! Stitching!!! Lovely!!!! -sus

  5. Oh Els, der kleine Mann ist ja so etwas von entzückend mit seiner hübschen Mütze!
    Viele liebe Grüße

  6. Oh Els I am so enjoying seeing your quilt from Jude's class - I recognise that 'flame' fabric! And that gorgeous little one with the hat....good enough to eat! (oooh that doesn't look good written down, but you know what I mean!!) Lx

  7. verliefd op alles!!!!!!!!
    mag ik ook een snippertje in je doek zijn?
    (je adres heb ik niet of ooit gehad.....)