woensdag 5 juni 2013

a bit like stained glass

Stained glass

That's what the result of the new technique I did, looks like.

Today I finished the stitching 
and later, in the garden under the sunshade,
I did the burning.
It was so góód I could do that outside
because it really 
(the synthetic fabric melts onto the soldering iron)

These are the front and back of the piece after stitching.
The lines, that I did twice, were rather shaky sometimes :
the "lutradur" back is slippery, when guiding under the machine.

The soldering iron and some steelwool nearby 
to clean the tip every now and then.

Because of the many layers and the burning
the piece is quite rigid and firm.
With a little piece of sturdy wire with eyelets at the end
I can simply hang it.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. wow. i could not have imagined this is the way it would turn out. love the spaces in between all those glorious colors. wouldn't that make a magnificent gate if it were bigger.

  2. I L*O*V*E this, Els! Oh how I wish I lived near by so I could watch how you made this beautiful piece. -sus

  3. Oh my word! Els this is beautiful! When I belonged to Anglia Textile Works (an exhibiting textiles group) We did all sorts of experimental stuff like this, but I didn't keep gong with it. You have shown me that I may be should have pursued the technique!

  4. Oh Els, das ist ja traumhaft schön!
    Falls Du da mal mehr von machst, sag Bescheid!
    Herzliche Grüße

  5. Els this is wonderful. I always hesitate to work with these materials but the result is so great. Perhaps it´s time to leave my scruples.

  6. Wow, Els! This is really gorgeous. LUV the depth of color you've achieved along with the interesting shapes.
    best, nadia

  7. Wauw, wat prachtig! Ik had al een tijdje niet op je blog gekeken en echt, lang niet zoiets moois gezien! Ga een linkje sturen naar een vriend van mij die glas in lood-decoraties maakt voor zijn houten meubels, denk dat hij het ook heel mooi vindt.

  8. this is so stunning Els, I love the effect but whoeee that's a very toxic process, good to hear you did it outside... I would have to wear a good fume mask as well!

  9. What a stunning creation! I've never heard of such a technique, but the results are quite lovely (but I agree with Mo Crow that it is good to be careful with the fumes).