dinsdag 11 juni 2013

a present ..... and the garden

Last Saturday the postman
(or rather it was a post woman)
brought a  b i g  package from Germany

 Heike promised me some time ago
to send me some of her wool
she no longer used herself to felt !
(I didn't know Heike felted,
but she makes wonderful stitched pieces
and fun figures)

And there it was :
a lot of beautiful natural coloured wool,
a purse :  "Time is Money"
and a lovely card

I will most probably use this new kind of wool
for making felted animal figures !

And because finally the summer seems to have arrived,
the garden exploded 
in lots of different shapes of flowers 

I often think 
this time of the year
is one of the best in my garden !

(you can enlarge the pics by clicking on them with the right button 
and then opening them in a new window) 

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Fijn zo'n voorraadje nieuwe wol!
    En je tuin staat er schitterend bij; precies mijn smaak qua planten hoor ;-) !

  2. You are very welcome' Els...
    And a very beautiful garden you have.

  3. such beauty in your garden. it must be a joy to be out there.

  4. Els, your garden is glorious. I will think of you spending happy time there. -sus

  5. mag ik effies bij je komen zitten?
    mijn tuin is na de verbouwing een ravage

  6. bovendien..die wolletjes en nieuwe technieken...jaaaa