vrijdag 21 juni 2013

summer (?) solstice

I really couldn't tell that it was 
the longest day of summer today
(not much of a summer until now !!!)
Gray overcast all day long,
even a steady drizzle to start the day

a date is a date,
June 21 is June 21
I just tought it would be nice 
to start stitching a little something again.

What better colours are there 
to make a summer solstice piece
So I began with a bunch of yellow scraps 
and some bigger pieces of yellow fabric
(from my rainbow "stash drawer")
and started stitching them together, by hand, the "Jude-way"
(it's a simple, almost meditative way of piecing
any kind of scraps together, and stitching the seam allowance
to either side down, with the tiniest of stitches,
which gives the piece such a wonderful feeling)

Half of my Solstice Sun is done

The other half will have a bit more colours than just yellow.

It will take some time.
I even don't know if this piece will be incorporated in the big "Diaries cloth"
or that it will stand on it's own ...
We'll see ...
(Ha, probably not finished before Winter Solstice
... then it will be just a "Solstice" piece)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I like where you're going with this! Happy Summer!

  2. our weather has been summer like for some time. too hot for my taste. your sun is wonderful. i, too, love stitching little pieces of cloth together. always find some surprising results.