donderdag 2 januari 2014

a surprising start

a surprise 
can take your breath away
this one did !

Today was the first time I went out again 
(with daughter and two kids to Rotterdam)
after almost a month of being housebound
due to my silly stumble down the stairs.

After visiting the first shop,
we walked slowly to our biggest book store
where I had coffee and a bagel
while the others did some more shopping.

Then, when I came home
I found this totally unexpected packet

In it was "a belated Christmas present" :
the most gorgeously coloured 
hand deyed yarn 


I'll be honest :
my heart skipped a beat, and it brought tears to my eyes

What a gorgeous present
from someone that lives literally 
on the other side of the earth !

(Ha, I remember,
 when I was in primary school,
a-a-a-a-ges ago,
our teacher told us, that, 
if we would travel down the earth,
like in an elevator,
right through the hot center, 
we would come up 
(with our feet first) 
in Australia !)


(what special and beautiful things can come from Blog-land .....   ;-)  !)

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I am excited to think what you will do with the beautiful 'fire'. Els!
    xxoo, sus

  2. Fire...a perfect name for this lovely gift!

  3. HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! That gorgeous yarn deserves capital letters! Oooooh what are you going to do with it Els???? Happy `New Year and Happy New Creating! Lxxxx

  4. Very special gift indeed! Sorry you hurt yourself. I can see you are better now. I will look out for some feet coming out of the ground down here hehe! Hugs Nat

  5. the perfect portable winter sunrise!
    bonne année, dear Els!

  6. Hello Els, hope you are completely recovered now. Thank you for the comment. The stitch is 'Raised Chain Band'.

  7. Hi Els, beautiful colourway, aren't we truly blessed to have a friend like Anne?