woensdag 22 januari 2014

stitching on black and white

Almost a year ago 
a dear Stitch'nBitch friend from Rotterdam
asked me about the black-and-white felting
I did for the felting-exchange back then.
I kind of got a commission to make a bigger piece
just like those (which were post card size)

All this time
that commission was somewhere in the back of my mind,
but I never came to work out my ideas for it.
Untill this week ! 

I made five little sketches (no bigger than 4 cm)
chose one and started to lay out the merino wool tops

some viscose strips for the nuno parts.
White I had enough, but the black and gray were my last bits.

I ended up with the desired square of 30 x 30 cm.
When it was completely dry I started stitching
with black cotton and white silk thread.
(I used paper templates to keep my circles steady)

This is the finished piece

and I named it
 "Moon, where are you ?"

Well, here she is ..... !

My dear friend liked it and it will get a place on the wall 
in her new house

It's well known that : one thing leads to another,
that's true for felting as well 

So I made the next square and started stitching on that one.

15 opmerkingen:

  1. This is gorgeous Els! B&W is striking and all your stitching! All very charming, love it - Hugs Nat

  2. how beautifully it all blends together. i love black and white. fabulous job.

  3. Beautiful , I love you stiching and colors

  4. Dear Els,
    I am following you for a long while now (found you through Eva from Hamburg), and I think it is time that I start commenting. I very much enjoy all your magic felted pieces, and I like that you often show the process of creating them. Your stitching spells always fun and joy, and surely can be seen again in this lovely black and white pieces! :-)

    PS: And the sweetest little grandboy you have!

  5. Beautiful as always :) I love how the black and white blend into each other and the stitching high lights :)
    Your stitching is so neat, My stitching is usually messy ;)
    You have inspired me to do some felting come over to my blog to see what I've done. :)

  6. Els, that is wonderful. Very very inspiring.

  7. Bardzo efektowne. Super pomysł i wykonanie.

  8. Wow! Wieder Meisterwerke! Wunderschön, Els!
    Liebe Grüße

  9. So so so gorgeous, Els! There is something very stunning in the black and white pieces! Your stitches would look amazing in colour too, of course, but there is something very serene that holds your eye in the black and white! Love it! xoFiona

  10. wow! that is really staggeringly beautiful!!

  11. So beautiful, Els, and interesting to see your process.
    This is the second blog today I have read where the artist is using black and white - maybe I am getting a hint!
    xxoo, sus

  12. Traumhaft schöne Stickerei. Auch die graphische Aufteilung, - alles ist sehr harmonisch. Ich liebe Sticken und deine Stickerei.
    LG Angela ( Winschoten ging nicht, wir waren da, aber die Kräfte fehlten, um dort einen ganzen, kalten Tag zu bleiben...so mussten wir wieder nach Hause fahren, schade. )

  13. oh my! this is simply divine! shame on you for trying (unbeknownst to yourself, of course) to tear me away in another direction. this beauty makes me long to start something in black and white myself! though i think i shall have to content myself with living vicariously through you and your amazing creation! stunning!