dinsdag 14 januari 2014

the bigger piece (14 - 1 - 14)

I promised to tell about the bigger piece that I made
after starting the year with smaller work.

When the green collar was finally finished
(after all the setback)
I wanted to start another collar/shawl.

With the green collar I tried several things in this one piece :
like inclusions, nuno and different threads on the surface.

Now I just took some pieces of needle felt
that I bought at Hawar's (móre than a year ago)
There I bought a bit of red, magenta, pink and orange.

I wasn't satisfied with the pattern of the green collar either.
Felt can be rather "stiff".
It doesn't have the "flow" (flexibility)
some other fabrics have.
That's not a problem ...
as long as you deal with that caracteristic feature.
That's why I wanted to shape the collar
around a torso-like pattern.

I wanted two layers,
I wanted leaves,
I wanted points.

Two layers, and rolling wet felt means : shifting
and thát, I didn't want.

So I had to do a lot of sewing together with a running stitch.

Leaves, layers, everything !

A LOT of preparations, but it paid off at the end.

... and where would we be without the magical bubble wrap ...

Un-picking the linen threads was a lot of work too
but finally

was  this  the reward  !

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