zaterdag 11 januari 2014

small things

Januari started with making small things
áfter some time of doing nothing at all.
(that always happens after some frenzied time
like working for the christmas fair)

I made new roses 

Ha, the white rose I had on the fair sold almost immediately

After that 
I took the pattern Daughter made  
for the little pouch for scissors 
she made for her best friend as a christmas present.

I hope you know what you have to do 
when you give scissors (a much appreciated gift)
to a friend ???
You add to the present : a little stone (!) 
so the scissors won't cut up your friendship !

(still have to sew on a snap button for closure)

I embroidered a tiny felted heart

almost finished

And today I made another flower (on commission) 
for the lady who bought a nuno felted shawl on the fair 
for which I couldn't offer a flower in the right colour
to use as a fastening pin

drying and waiting for the finishing touch

But ...
I made something  b i g g e r  too : 
hmmmm ... later !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Im always amazed at the beautiful things you make. :)
    I love those flowers I wanted to try and make felted flowers this year.
    The heart is beautiful too!
    Thanks for the tip about the vinegar rinse :)

  2. Wonderful start to your new year, Els! I love the green collar from last post, and the little tiny scissor case is such a sweet thing. xxoo, sus

  3. I never heard about adding a stone to a gift of scissors....what a lovely idea!

  4. Lovely little things. We have the same believed about giving sharp objects like knife scissors, the different is we say to give coin. How interesting? Very cute pouch - Hugs Nat