donderdag 12 juni 2014

a bit of this and that

Oh my, what a wonderful bright full moon,
earlier this evening.
I love it when the moon is there, in a still rather bright sky.

I recieved my May felting-exchange piece
last week. 
It was a bit late, but never mind :
it's supposed to be fun, not a must.
But that doesn't mean it is easy
to imagine what it must look like.
On the card that came with the piece 
Jolan told that she tried different things ....
But when she was sure what to make for the Sara Lechner Challenge
(that we're both in) 
she started all over again and was happy
with what she made for me 

 ... and so am I 

(though there wasn't a lot of money in my lottery box)
the little rabbit goes to Mrs Clement
in Zeeland



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