zaterdag 21 juni 2014


The highlight of summer ?
It is, in our dance around the sun
but not when you think of the weather at the moment ...

my Summer Solstice piece is finished.
(just in time yesterday evening,
to participate in a solstice fire daughter and her best friend had
noooo, they didn't burn it, I think )

Summer Solstice 2014

Still think it was such a good idea to start 
with the woven fabric strips.
Though it wasn't easy to stitch
because the cotton scraps that Sus dyed herself,
was such tightly woven cotton, that it was hard to pull the needle 
with the thick cotton that I used most of the time, through.
(even needed pliers sometimes !)

I hope for a lot of "real" warm summer still to come,
and  "down under"  ...  slowly but surely, the days will get longer.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. oh it is glorious. we are at our longest days here right now.

  2. Inspire to stitch something by myself. I hope, the autumn give me time to do.


  3. Wow, Els, this is really gorgeous! xo

  4. Beautiful!
    I love the colours and the embroidery.
    I went to a felting group yesterday and was talking about your blog to the ladies at the group I showed them your blog on my iPhone and they took your blog address ! You might have a few more visitors from Australia ;)
    They loved your daughters rainbow spinning wheel too!

  5. It turns out great Els! I love the colour and stitching, happy face! Hugs Nat

  6. so honored that some of my scraps made fire for your sunny solstice, Els!
    xxoo, sus