vrijdag 7 oktober 2016

day 7

Is seven a lucky number ???
Well it might be yours !

Pink Ribbon textile jewel for day 7 :

A square pendant with bead tassel
on a 52 cm purple cord with small clasp.
(the pendant is 6 x 9 cm)
The front is hand dyed felt and the back aubergine silk.
Embroidery with thick silk thread and rayon
and many seed beads.

If this shiny Textile Jewel appeals to you,
you can make a donation of 

€ 10

and it will come to you.
So just send me that email at
fiberrainbow@gmail.com !

All the money will go to the Pink Ribbon fund



And again about the number seven :
This month I started my seventh year of blogging !

When I remember, six years ago, the first
careful steps in Blog-land ...
I almost have to laugh now.
Blogging let me keep in touch with
far-away stitching friends
and other friends I gathered
in the course of time.
The best things were of course : meeting some
in real life

Every year I had a  giveaway  when I celebrated
my Blogaversary

I'm really busy at the moment,
there will be one
(because I think it is fun !)
So please have a little patience with me with regard to that one

I'll tell you when
and how

See you tomorrow with another Textile Jewel !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Els ! I have read back about your 'jewel a day' project ... so wonderful of you ! I hope that the 'SOLD' under each pic. means that you have been very successful ;) Thank you for visiting today !

    1. Ha thanks ! Yes : three sold right now !
      (I've been a bit slow looking elsewhere ...)