woensdag 31 mei 2023

a little experiment

On this last day of  May
I just had just enough time
for a little experiment
for Yaroslava's challenge :
the letter for this month for the
is the "F"
but it also had to be a plant (or a mushroom)
Now that was an extra difficulty !
I had some flower in mind
but I decided in the end for the

is a complex partnership,
a stable symbiotic association between a fungus and an alga.
Nature designs clever things !

On our roof tiles there are many
and in different colours too.
I chose a greenish one.

It turned out quite well
(and : on time to post in the group !)

(Tomorrow the second cataract op,
so more of Stitch Club later)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. beautiful work as always (((Els))) enjoy your new eyes!

  2. the above comment is from Mo Crow not anonymous!

  3. Das ist dir ganz wunderbar gelungen, mit den dünnen Stegen dazwischen ! Habe auch mitgemacht aber extern.
    Konnte mich bisher nicht entscheiden, mich bei Instagram anzumelden. Nun bin ich auf den nächsten Buchstaben gespannt. ( Ich habe bei F einen Fingerhut gefilzt :) :)
    Herzliche Grüße !

    1. Danke dir Angela, ich Hab deine Fingerhut gesehen : seeeeehr schön geworden :-)

  4. So lifelike! Best for your outcome from surgery.

    1. Thanks Nancy !!!
      The op went all right : I'm seeing very clear now haha (just still need reading glasses)