dinsdag 23 mei 2023

what a night !

Last Friday
we had the most wonderful night
in a very long time :
a concert of the ANALOGUES !!!

and the ANALOGUES try to reproduce the sound
of the good old BEATLES !
They search for all the same instruments
that were once used by the Beatles in the studio
to come to the original sound
(and they succeed quite well !!!) 

We bought the ticket last year already,
one for our daughter too.
But circumstances made that she couldn't go with us.
So we had one spare ticket
with only hours to decide who to ask instead !
In the end the friend of a dear friend
(who also lives near the theatre in Rotterdam)
was (and IS) a great Beatle-fan
and was delighted with this sudden surprise !!!

And I can tell you,
thought the main hair colour in the theatre was gray
(hmmm . . . not me)
we howled, whistled and clapped our hands till it hurt,
like any "normal" POP concert audience,
the old fire still burning  !!!

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