zondag 9 juni 2024

bling ? bling !

 For the workshop by Bridget Steel-Yessop
I made a second piece
but now I left the design attached to the background.
(I might have done it otherwise . . .
but then I had to add wire too)

I started with a "sky" background on tarlatan in a hoop.

First the outlines and the lines dividing the section
were couched on, after that the lace stitching could begin.

I used cotton and silk sewing thread.

For the lace stitching I removed the work from the hoop
I liked that better, working small the stitches
with the fine thread !
Two cobalt blue sequins instead of the tiny circle lace.

To finish the edges I cut off the extra tarlatan
and folded the seam with neat corners
before stitching it to the tarlatan back.

Next step was painting a little canvas, so the edges
would match the colouts of the sky-fabric.

a really bling workshop by Chloe Patience
was next and a fun in-between for the other things I'm working on.

On a leftover piece of gray linen
I made some "flowers" from stacked sequins.
There was my old stash and some new cheap ones, enough to play with.
I had some very bright hologram pinks (Gütermann)
that I NEVER used because before because they are just too bright :
I now used a lot of them in those stacks !

(back to other work)

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