maandag 31 januari 2011

a basted heart

When I started to "weave a little sunshine" for Jude
I began with the sun-rays
and I knew that the round weaving
would NOT be easy
(and I didn't want to many ruffles)

First I thought of cutting the strips on the bias,
that way you can easily force them around
but eventually I tore very narrow strips,
wetted them lightly
and then stretched them in the curve I needed :
it worked perfectly !

But ... when you are carried away with your good ideas 
you tend to forget certain things :
did you already bast the underground ???
(of course I must say : I got carried away and then I forgot certain things)

So before I could start to baste down all the warp and weft strips ...
I had to put them very careful aside
and do my "forgotten" underground bast !
(if you don't use your head .... )

And now : I'm done !
not a single pin there anymore

Ta - daaaa !
All these tiny strips and scraps have finally become


(you know what : this is what you can do with it now !)
and after that it looks the same as the picture above

8 opmerkingen:

  1. oh, that is amazing. it turned out great. the dark/light background sets it off perfectly.

  2. Ahhhh ...just BEAUTIFUL!! So bright and "sunny".

    Thanks for following my blog.

  3. Such a nice warm sunny heart...I love that curvy fabric in the upper left

  4. yes. a little cloth into cloth again.

  5. Oh Els- I love this!! It is SO cheery and artistic. Gilly

  6. Good thing, hearts popping up all over the planet, especially enchanting ones like this...

  7. normally i don't care for hearts.. they seem so overdone... but these new ones in jude's class are so wonderful, i might go ahead and make one. what changed my mind was seeing this one that you did.. its is really wonderful!
    thanks, too, for commenting on my poor little neglected blog!!

  8. I LOVE this twist on the heart theme. I can feel the heat radiating from it ... all the way to the extremities!