donderdag 20 januari 2011

a slow start

Jude's Boro-class has a slow start.
First we had to make piles :
- of the "old" things we thought we could use or needed mending,
- of WIP's or UFO's,
- of small scraps devided by colour
( I don't have very much old stuff
the other two piles I have )
then the power lines went down
caused by ice and rain
today came the introduction
it's a really slow start that fits great with "slow cloth"
and I don't mind
I think it's good to have some time
to think about the things that are about to happen !

So :
I started on my felted sea

This needs a lot of thinking too :
because it's quite a new way for me to use felt
The combination of felt and thin cotton, silk or even lace
requires a lot of thinking before cutting !!
( I already asked Sara for advice )

I 'm working on the sides already
( and maybe that's too soon
but right now it's the best option )

Where there's no felt, there is batting,
and I used a very thin fabric as backing.
But I don't think I'll add another backing fabric
after the embellishing and quilting is done

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