woensdag 26 januari 2011

Boro start

For Jude's class I'm getting started now
but still in a slow pace.
I had some catching up to do
and a lot of thinking
enjoying  all the wonderful works that other people
have already begun
There is some amazing stuff there !!!
And Jude inspires us all
tearing strips

a not very spectecular try-out

and the blouse I intend to work on
( that was already in the give-away-bag )

I started some anchored weaving in (very) red
that will become a bag
( still needs to be basted down on some thin backing )

and .... there were some new felted pieces
it's like painting with wool fibers !
My new monthly projects will be 
a felted piece incorporated
with cotton or silk fabric and a lot of stitches and beads

3 opmerkingen:

  1. the red is lovely, very spectacular
    and the try-out, why do you say it is not spectacular? I like that although the design is sober, the flowers and crazy pink and little dots give it a twist

  2. love the subtle colored weave. can't wait to see it woven into the blouse. i also have a blouse ready to go as soon as jude talks more about clothing.
    those felted pieces are spectacular.

  3. Tank you visiting my blogg. I very bad english, sorry. You inspiring me att you works.