zaterdag 29 januari 2011

a heart

For my first piece in Jude's CWB class
I tore up strips and started weaving
then I realized that I had quite a stash of  left-over strips
from the "Michael James"quilt I made a few years ago
cut strips, but why not use them ?

In class someone started a heart ....
Jude then set the pace
and now hearts are popping up all over the globe !
I also had a try
I basted it with normal basting thread on a piece of white cotton
now what
hang it in a tree ?

Because there is a lot of snow and cold wind over there, Jude said :
"weave me a bit of sunshine"
and that's what I'm trying now
Still a lot of thinking, re-arranging and stitching to do
but I like the beginning so far

Sock knitting will have to stop a bit says my elbow
I finished the so far last pair tonight :
do you like mrs. Bigfoot and mr. Smallfoot ?

 same yarn, different way

4 opmerkingen:

  1. love those socks. especially the colors. and you know i think your heart and sunshine are magnificent.

  2. OH! this is nice... Your heart is magnificent! Maybe I'll have one to upload tomorrow or Monday.

    :~) Debi

  3. Wow..... your socks are awesome.... I think the left one is my favorite.... how you made matching ones??? :)

    Your heart is beautiful..... reminds me of the different suns shown on the "Sunday Morning" show that is airs on Sunday morning..... one of my favorite shows. Thanks for sharing.