donderdag 27 januari 2011

a cold but sunny day

Today turned out to be a nice sunny day
although it's still really winter :
with a cold cutting wind.
But the garden side of our house faces south
and thus it was a fabulous day to do some gardening

removing last year's old growth 
fallen over by the snow, ice and wind.

there is enough still standing tall
but the bin was full
the rest is for the next time !

By the way
when you're a mermaid :
be  v-e-r-y  careful when you brush your hair . . .


4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a delicate and hopeful little sea horse, making me think of spring!

  2. Nice to hear of gardening and this alongside mermaid's hair. Gilly

  3. hi els,
    i need to do the same in my small yard.
    we are having 50 and > sunny weather here
    in the new mexico.
    i am thinking of weaving with wool strips, inspired by
    so many in our cwb class!
    it would be a first.
    love your work!