vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

a present

This week I gave myself a present
(but due to all the eventful circumstances of recent months
it was a rather last-minute decision)
O yes,
I get presents from other people :
people next to me, or people from fááááár away.
But this one now, I like very much :
I gave myself a workshop at Hawar
and it will be given by Sara Lechner.
I've known and admired her work for quite some time.
She used to live in Austria
but moved last year to Argentina !
So it is very special she's in Europe and that opportunity,
to finally meet and learn from her in person,
was too good to pass up !
So early tomorrow morning I'm off to Oldeberkoop in Friesland ...

... and I packed a lot of things to take with me 

Another present
(for the baby this time)
came as a surprise all the way from Australia !!!

a baby bonnet from Ronnie
(sorry, not a good photo)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. oOoOh how very exciting, have a wonderful time and take lots of pics, can't wait to see and hear all about it, I SO wish I could go too!

  2. a wonderful present you gave yourself. can't wait to hear all about it. and a beautiful bonnet.

  3. Oh! Lucky you! I wish you a wonderful workshop!

  4. nu ben ik echt officieel heel heel jaloers

    Els heb het heel fijn en wil je Meinie en Harm de groeten doen?

  5. Els, a present from me, I have nominated you for the One LOvely Blog Award, hope you don't mind!

  6. Els, ik ben zo benieuwd hoe je het hebt gehad. Ik bewonder het werk van Sara Lechner ook.