donderdag 9 augustus 2012

slow days

Nothing much is happening right now,
no work in progress ...
no new projects started yet ...
Plans ?
Ohhh yes, plenty.

But for the time being
only the garden gets attention.
The plants that clearly finished flowering are cut down,
others, still blooming, might need a bit of support.
I love seeing the change of the seasons
in all the different flowers.

One of my late-summer favourites

is this Altea Cannabina,
over two meters high sometimes and looking like a thin fountain
with no leaves but lots of pink flowers.  (3 cm)
They self seed very easily
but need to be replanted when they're quite small
because they make a long pen root.

Another beauty

Anemone Japonica
(with a visitor)
For some funny reason the water next to our garden
is full of duckweed this year

Though ... "duckweed" ... ?
It seems the ducks, swans and grebes don't like it at all !

(It's hard to imagine that behind that weeping willow
is a four-storey apartment building ....)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. So surrounded in green! Beautiful. That apartment is hidden very well.

  2. wow...mooie tuin..ik zou wel wat zaadjes willen....

  3. Liebe Els,
    Dein Garten sieht wirklich ganz zauberhaft aus, keine Rede von "Handtuch"!
    Und das Gewässer ist wie ein Dschungel!
    Liebe Grüße