dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

split personality

When I'm working om some technique 
(like felting figures at the moment)
ideas will come bubbling up
which lead to
new projects

Another thing to try to accomplish

Only a rough start ...
but then :
I knew "exactly" where I was heading

thin layer upon thin layer "it / she" was growing

Ohhhh ... attaching the arms is such a pain ! 
Making hands also

And finally, late at night, there she was :
(photographed the next day)

my little mermaid

the split personality

...... half I'm it and half I'm she .....

Ahhhhhh, it brought back memories
of the lovely Esther Ofarim
singing this song in her mermaid suit on Dutch television in 1964
(o, my ..... thát long ago ?) 

And the next one

but not yet finished

I almost forgot :
remember my dear friend H ?
(at the moment in South Africa,
 where she, among other things,
is sponsering a village school with lots of LEGO)
She gave me another bag of goodies

lovely lace and the finest embroidered batiste you've ever seen
Thank you !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh how cute is the mermaid! I love the hair, what fun!

  2. my little neighbor Skye was just telling me yesterday that she will have a mermaid party for her next birthday. your mermaid is wonderful.

  3. Wonderful mermaid, bird and gifts to play with!

  4. Ow, dat wil ik ook nog gaan proberen!
    Leuk om te zien hoe mooi jouw resultaten zijn!

  5. Die Meerjungfrau ist sehr sehr schön geworden. Liebe Grüße von Ate

  6. Amazing job with the mermaid. I cant wait to see what you create with those new goodies

  7. Oh Els, das ist ja eine ganz reizende Dame!
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Els, how wonderful I do so love mermaids, they are always turning up in my work. Sorry it took so long for me to hop on over and visit. Your felt work is lovely.