dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

what a weekend !

I very much enjoyed this weekend workshop
with Sara Lechner !
It was so góód in many ways.
Hawar is housed in an old school building.
Downstairs there is an exhibition area
and a shop with LOTS of goodies,
while the studio, two old classrooms, is on the first floor.
The lovely couple Meinie and Harm "run the show"

There were 14 of us
(and a lot of "embellishers")

Sara works a lot with this machine,
and you can do amazing things with it, rather easily
(but just be careful not to break any needles)

For me it was the first time,
I don't even have a machine,
others brought their own,
but Hawar had many machines we could use together.

On the first day we tried many different things
just to get the feeling of the technique,
to mix colours,
and to make little pieces into a bigger one
(but thát's really easy : a short overlap ... and punching !)

The Art Route "Open Stal", that's held in Oldeberkoop this month,
gave Sara inspiration for a new piece

It was finished during this class
and later joined the other beautiful art pieces Sara had brought along from home.

At first we worked in colour
and later mostly in white.

Right in the middle we were treated to a delicious Hawar-lunch

outside !

After this first inspiring day I could join a lovely bunch of ladies
(who know each other from another (felting) class)
and we dined on the terrace of a hotel
in the late evening sun.

Later, in my B & B room, I started with a bit of stitching.

On day two I was a really slow starter, I don't know why,
but eventually we worked on some new technique : making bowls
and we did some embroidery ...
while Sara started on her second piece, made of the test pieces in white,
and demonstrated her way of stitching

it was amazing to see it grow !

The last thing we did before saying goodbye
and having a last meal with newly made friends,
was visit Meinie at the shop.
(better than the internet, because you can féél it
and see the colours right !)

These goodies will bring a lot of fun !!!
(o boy, what a present !)

11 opmerkingen:

  1. mooi hoor ben vandaag voor de eerste keer geweest nog twee dagen te gaan heel leuk om sara te ontmoeten
    ga nu op bed morgen weer een fijne dag

  2. looks like it was a grand time. i have one of those machines. haven't used it in a long while but it is easy and lots of fun.

  3. Gosh Els, what a fantastic workshop...and the added benefits of a lovely setting and good company! My friend has an embellisher and I keep meaning to have a go on it but never get round to doing it....perhaps I will now!

  4. So good to know you had such a wonderful time at the workshop, Els - I love the little blue tree! love, sus

  5. Schöööön! Auf den Bericht habe ich gewartet! Ein interessantes Wochenende hast Du da gehabt- und wunderbare Mitbringsel!
    Viele liebe Grüße

  6. Els, It sounds like a wonderful time...lots of inspiration..an beautiful colours to bring home! I wonder what you will make next? Can't wait to see when it happens!

  7. oooh heerlijk....die workshop, Meinies heerlije lunch, de winkel..ooh nu vind ik het moeilijk invalide te zijn...
    maar zo blij voor jou en zo dankbaar dat ik "mee"mocht


  8. great! must be very inspiring! warm greetings from Paris!

    1. Wonderful images!!! the Anemone Japonica (I didn´t know it with this name) blossom in Argentina for Easter time, that it´s why we all it "easter´s flower". We had it (same color)at my old mum´s home. I want to have it in my garden now. Your blog is always beautiful!!!

  9. I have not heard of an embellisher before. Looks like a great weekend - I just love the colours in the last photo