zondag 26 augustus 2012

the cat and the princess

The pop-up play book Katy the Cat
by Lucy Cousins
was very popular with our grandchildren.

I bought it when the eldest, now 11, was still very small.
The second one often played together with his sister,
and the third one will play with it (no doubt)
when he's a bit bigger ...

I wanted to give felted figure making
another try :
Katy the Cat (Kaatje Kat) would make a good model.

I started with what was left
of the long fibred sturdy wool that Gabi had given me
to try and make some animals,
which worked really fine !

The humble beginnings

All the important bits were first made out of Gabi's wool

and later covered with the coloured "bergschaf" wool
I got from Hawar some weeks ago.

Hi Katy, are you there already ?

Well, still very soggy and soapy and fááááár from finished !

In the meantime I had noticed
that there would be another "Princess" tonight
(I have missed at least four of them this year !)

I don't know her proper Latin name
but because she blooms at night
(with a very sweet and heavy fragrance !!!)
she is often called the "Princess of the Night"
The bud is rapidly growing in a good week or so
from 1 cm to this 28 cm
When it points upwards I know it will bloom that night
This night !

So this time I had my camera ready

Within the hour it fully opens

Voilà : a heavily perfumed pretty princess

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Your Princess is an epiphyllum, that much I know.

  2. Oh the princess is beautiful. How fun to capture it in these photos.

  3. Wow, mooi!
    Zowel de bloem als het katje in wording!

  4. Kaatje Kat sieht schon cool aus!Behält sie ihre schwarzen Stiefel?
    Und die Blüte.....hm.. gefilzt wäre die auch nicht schlecht, was?
    Viele liebe Grüße

  5. I think the little cat is going to be enchanting! Glad you were able to catch the princess opening her pretty face. -sus