maandag 28 april 2014

child's play

The sun came out again today !
So good to enjoy some sunshine in the garden.
While I was sitting there
I decided to take some pictures
of the wonderful little jungle next to the water, of
Solomon's seal
(Polygonatum multiflorum)
Then I heard some children playing
on the other side of the little canal :
they have a week of school holiday
and exploring the water's edge is always fun !
A little later one of them came back
took off his shoes (again) ...
en stepped carefully into the water
... a little fisherman ?
(I don't think he was looking for a fish
like the one on his Tshirt !)
In the afternoon daughter and her three children came by.
The little one liked my shoes so much
that he wanted to try them on
but walking wasn't that easy !
He also found the baskets that were used on Easter
but there were no hidden chocolate eggs left !
What a pity.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. so beautiful! idyllic! i love days like these...though we are still in the process of emerging here in montana. very little green to be found. still less of the sun peeking through the drizzly clouds.... but soon! until then, vicarious sun and play from your neck of the woods! ha!

  2. I think he would have been so excited to find the basket and then very upset that there were no eggs inside any more :(