zondag 27 april 2014


Due to my clumsiness
with the kitchen knife,
I'm a bit late with my felting exchange
(but it might be just in time
if it gets in the mail tomorrow)
My theme for this month was
(it even could be abstract)
This picture, that I took in the beginning of the month,
I had as inspiration.
I used Bergschafwolle
It comes in batting and is easy to lay out
I Always lay out on a template so I know
it will be postcard size after felting
Wet after a few rolls and drying with the template under it
to compare the size.
Ready to go in the mail,
only with a few stitches as focus.
it was the first "Kings day" in Holland
since we now have a king instead of a queen.
Lots of things are organized, but ...
we just did some cycling in the nearby surroundings.
(ha, love these cows with their big white stripe
like they're bandaged !)
Some of our famous windmills
were adorned with the national flag
because of the special day

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh no, did you cut yourself? Your inspiration paid off. Your piece is beautiful. I love the windmills too. I hope to see them in person soon - Hugs Nat

  2. I refer to those cows in two ways.... 1. cows with sweaters.... 2. Oreo cookies

  3. Oh memories! I used to live Holland as a small child, you know ;)