dinsdag 29 april 2014

something red !

Ohhhhh what fun it was
when I received that wonderful envelope today !

both sides looked magnificent 
I think it was a joy to the postman as well

Inside was my third little felted piece
of our felting-exchange

(in fact it was the piece that belonged to March
but the maker already warned me that it would be later
due to all kind of things,
ha : she kind of lost it .... hi, hi, hi)

Well, it was more than worth waiting for !
Thank you very much Helma.

I studied all sides 
and admired all the stitching
(by machine and by hand)
and then I even discovered a tiny snap
so you can open it up !

Of course I had to take pictures 
together with my little garden owl !

I think they look great together, don't they !

Thanks again, Helma !

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