zondag 12 oktober 2014

day 12

From time to time we get 
small flying visitors in the garden.
are such perky little birds.
Though they are not very fond of each other
most of the time !
When a second one arrives in the garden
he or she is chased out of the premises
the minute the intruder is spotted.

I love them,
their colour, their sound, their movements.
But it's hard to capture them with my camera
because they fly away the moment
any movement is noticed !

But here is one, on my Pink Ribbon mandala number twelve

"autumn match"

Karisma colour pencils on fine watercolour paper  (A5)
the mandala is  12cm  (5")  in diameter


If you would like to have this original artwork
(or perhaps give it to a friend by that name)
please contact me at fiberrainbow@gmail.com
The price is  € 12, - (+ postage) 
and the money goes to Pink Ribbon.

Mmmmm ... hope to see another Robin
in the garden soon.

(see you tomorrow)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Einer Kleiner von der Sorte wohnt auch hier im Garten und immer, wenn ich ihn sehe und höre, freue ich mich. Ein Foto zu machen ist schwierig, weil er so flink ist. Daher freue ich mich , wenn du mir dein Bild schickst.
    Ganz liebe Grüße zu dir, Birgit

  2. I love Robins, too... (the twelth day already? Unbelievable. Time is travelling so fast)...