donderdag 2 oktober 2014

day 2

The mandalas that I"ll be making 
for this Pink Ribbon challenge
will all be very different.

It just depends on what comes into my mind
at the moment I sit down to begin.

Here is number two.

"would you like some tea ?"

Karisma colour pencil on fine white water colour paper (A5)
the mandala is 12cm (5") in diameter


Please send me an email if you want to have this original drawing,
it costs you € 2,- 
(+ postage depending on whether you live in Holland or somewhere else)


Something else I'll have to bring to the post 
is my September felting-exchange.
The theme was "trees"
and because in fact I am tóó late ...
I made up the lame excuse that  "trees grow very slowly"

An appletree fits right into the season
and is the size of a postcard.


(see you tomorrow)

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