vrijdag 17 oktober 2014

day 17

Ahhhh, a lot of cleaning-up to do today
so I'm early with my mandala drawing.

There was a piece in this drawing
that came into my mind 
when I was lying in bed and almost asleep :
the two blue wave kind of things.
So that's what I started with
and ended like this.

Pink Ribbon mandala for day seventeen

"going with the wind"

Karisma colour pencils on heavy weight drawing paper  (A5)
the mandala is  12 cm  (5")  in diameter

If you want this original artwork for yourself or someone else, 
please let me know at fiberrainbow@gmail.com
it costs  € 17, -  (+ postage)
All the money will go to Pink Ribbon

Ha, a lot of water again, like yesterday's drawing ...

(see you tomorrow)

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