dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

day 28

Another baby-sitting day
but my mandala for today 
was well underway
So I just needed to finish it
(and with the little one in bed ...)

This time I wanted to portray one of the cats.
In fact they are our daughter's cats
(we had two exactly like them years ago)
But since her appartment is too crowded already
they are our semipermanent house guests now
(daughter and the children miss them though :
always extra hugs when they are here !)

What do we day dream about ?
Things that we want to happen ???
And what might cats day dream about, if they do ?
Hmmmm a lot of wishful thinking 
for all of us probably ...

Here is my Pink Ribbon mandala for day number twenty-eight

"day dreams"

Karisma colour pencils on heavy weight drawing paper
the mandala itself is  14 cm  (5.5")  in diameter

If you want to have this original artwork for yourself or someone dear
(don't forget Christmas and "Sinterklaas" are getting closer)
please send me an email at
It costs  € 28, -  
(+ postage : € 1,92 for Holland and  € 3,15 elsewhere )

These are big brother Bagheera and little sister Bella
(enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine !)

(see you tomorrow)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. child minding AND cat minding!! You provide a great service Els...

  2. wouldn't it be nice to know what goes on in the minds of our animal friends....they are so sweet...especially when asleep.

  3. Wreszcie zrozumiałam sen mojego kota i jego nerwowe ruchy.