zondag 19 juni 2011


It's so good when you can teach people
a little bit of the things you like doing yourself.
Having been a teacher all my life,
it's kind of a natural thing
that I want to pass on my knowledge
and make others as enthousiastic as I am.

The results of three ladies felting yesterday

and close up :


It's obvious after such a lovely day that I want to do something myself,
so today a new try out

...and the result is looking a bit funny because there 
still is a one-litre bottle inside
till it's fully dry

a vase

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a nice range of samples you made during your class, Els...lots of good techniques for your students to go home and play with! I like your vessel- the curving ridges and organic top....Lovely!

  2. Ja, het is altijd leuk om je kennis door te geven. Het vaasje doet me denken aan iets wat ik onlangs in Spanje zag, een soort van houder met hengsels om je waterflesje in mee te nemen.

  3. Yes a lovely range of felting, when is your next class? i'll fly on up there to attend!

  4. Oh these felt projects are all lovely. I would fly up there with you too Kaite to attend the workshop! Hugs Nat