zaterdag 4 juni 2011

it runs in the family

It's always fun to see
when people have the same enthusiasm for certain things
as you have :
when you see
"that it runs in the family"
Daughter and I are true textile lovers :
we look at fabric and fibers with our hands !

But look at the grandchildren :
after the careful start with knitting,
now there is stitching !

A tiny jacket ... and the very first colourblanket : green like the gras
where he loves to play football (soccer)

She made him / her all by herself !
(with just a little help)

These are the last stitches on the Square moon

two corners

... and last but not least :
a little bit of magic thread around the moon. !

(Tomorrow I'll take another photo of the whole piece :
there wasn't enough light anymore to take a good one)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I will look in tomorrow for the finished piece - after this beautiful preview!

  2. dank je voor het bezoek aan mijn blog. Leuk dat kinderen bij oma het geduld en aandacht op kunnen brengen dit te doen. Thuis zijn er zoveel andere prikkels. Mij lukt het alleen in ons huis in Frankrijk, waar geen telefoon en internet is.
    groetjes Dorie (alias D)